Rapid execution. Sturdy design.

Everything revolving your products and services plays a role in driving lasting, meaningful relationships with your customers. We’ll help you create unique experience strategies by putting simplicity at the core of our design.

First, we’ll look into critical insights about your user’s demands, needs, feeling. Then, experts across our technical and creative disciplines to address those findings. After that,we’ll rapidly develop prototypes, test them in real time, then apply our learnings and create better solutions until we reach your goal, without losing the integrity of your design.


Intuitive design run by real insight

Our qualitative research infused with ourimaginative ideas will get youthe sustainable results you are looking for. We’ll help you with strategies you’ll need to create products and services that always puts your users first.
Design Thinking

Succeed with real empathy
Together, we define the problem as welook beneath the surface and uncover the hidden challenges your users are facing. Then we ideate, prototype, test and repeat until we meet their needs—and yours. 

UX Design

Constant Support
At Facnex, designing a product starts with developing a concept, then fully implementing, integrating and maintaining it throughout the entire user journey. 

Experience Transformation

Direct your focus
We work alongside with you to develop an experience strategy built on empathy and emotional intelligence, placing people at the center. While driven by our unique, human centric design approach.


Develop to create impact
We consistently transform ideas into tangible products that goes through deep testing and until it validates on real users. With each iteration, we adapt our approach until we find the solution that creates the greatest impact.