Maximum performance, powered by data science

We help clients ingest, collect, curate and deliver essential business data in order to build resilience. By applying integrated approach, we optimize the journey from data intake to actionable insight by combining our consulting, data engineering and advanced analytics capabilities.

We tap into the latest big data and do advanced analytics research.Together, we prioritise data engineering projects that creates the most value for your business. Then, we bring the right solution—giving you more freedom, choice and vendor independence. By accelerating your transformation journey, we’ll help you stay competitive, be more proactive and efficient.


Rethink intelligence

From data analysis and engineering algorithms for modelling, we provide a complete set of digital tools and services that draw valuable, actionable insights from the most complex pool of data.
Advanced Analytics — AI & Machine Learning

Build your smart business
We possess a comprehensive platform view of the advanced analytics lifecycle across the enterprise and offer a variety of advanced algorithmic accelerators—with capabilities like intelligent process automation to natural language processing to machine comprehension and algorithmic explainability.

Privacy and Compliance

Data privacy made simple and safer
Facnex PrivacyProof’s cloud-based privacy solutions and services transform and streamline your privacy program so you can focus on strategic planning, optimising value, and minimising risks.
Services include:

• NIST Privacy Maturity Assessment
• AI Data Discovery & Classification
• Real-Time Automated Privacy Compliance
• DSAR Case Management.

Data — Engineering for Accelerating Actionable Insights

Scaleup your productivity
Covering all aspects of data management to accelerate your business results—including consulting on your data architecture, platform selection and roadmaps. We enabling delivery of analytics and insights that generates meaningful insights through advanced analytics.