A human-centric approach

At Facnex, we have a slightly different approach towards a customer’s journey.Starting with the hearts and minds of your consumers, then analysing their emotional dilemmas. Delving into what they think, and why. Then, we spark innovation, and turn pain points into positive interactions.

Our multi-disciplinary combines map design, data and technology opportunities to your business priorities. From there, we identify implications for the present and future, prioritise your goals and build a comprehensive customer experience strategy that drives significant results.


Strategy infusedwith creativity

We create simple, smooth yet effective strategies that boosts your current abilities, accelerate change and help you craft new, exciting ways forward.  Everything we do, we listen to your needs and research deep to understand your customers.
Assessment and Journey Mapping

Complexities turned into opportunities
We create optimal experiences by mapping the entire customer journey from the beginning. Then, we identify the best opportunities for solving problems that exceeds expectations.

Process Consulting

Uplift speed and customer satisfaction
Starting from acquiring customers to building sustained long term relationships, we work with you across your customer journey to create efficient, impactful operations that are rooted in empathy and guided by ethnographic research.

Change Management

Creating systems that last long
In order to create and sustain a fresh customer experience, it is necessary to implement new plans, rules and roles within. We play a major role in the moving parts of your organisation—from your teams to your technology.