Swifter, Smoother and much more Secure.

We help you speed up product development and build resilience for the future—all while your business runs at full capacity. We assess, improvise and reuse current processes, and apply experience-centered design to deliver a humanly empathetic approach.

While using current technology and architecture, in Facnex, we automate continuous inspection to ensure high-performing applications, as well as functional and non-functional compliance. We’re your partner who believes in efficient outcomes—with multiple pricing models that includes usage-based, subscription and yearly licensing plans.


Transform your products and your outlook

Our proven approach and accelerators for product development include the use of advanced low-code platforms to transform your products while improving functionality. With Facnex, you can count on security at every step integrated into the DevSecOps pipeline.
Application Engineering

Deliver compliant applications quickly and securely
We craft strategies that rapidly boosts up product development using our accelerators, enabling you to drive significant business outcomes, manage budgets, reduce business risks, contain technical debt and upskill your workforce.

• PACE Platform
• Custom Development
• DevSecOps
• Legacy Modernization
• API and Microservices Development

Quality Engineering

Perform at your pinnacle
Our sophisticated AI-powered Quality Engineering platform enables expedited, smart and foreseeable software delivery. It also reducesexpenses by promoting a culture of professional quality.

• Test Consulting
• Quality as a Service
• Test Automation
• Digital Assurance
• Performance Engineering
• Data, Analytics & AI testing
• Cloud Migration Testing
• Test Data &Environment Management
• Security Testing
• UST NoSkript