Our cloud experts work together with you, co-ideating your cloud strategy, positioning your organisation to progress today and tomorrow. Facnex has a suite of cloud solutions and services to accelerate your cloud growth to swiftly produce business value.

Where our cloud ecosystem is a web of platforms, accelerators, methodologies, resources, and innovation labs that work together to reimagine your business, increase speed to market and apply novel approaches to your challenges. We possess a deep commitment to collaboration and a impactful network of leading experts.


A cloud transformation that is as unique as your business

It’s time to migrate to the cloud and upgrade applications with an intent-driven strategy.
Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Cloud migration and operation management made simple
Our cloud technology enables you to transform seamlessly, optimize performance, and do a lot more.

• Automated workload migration
• Single view integrated multi-cloud management
• Standardisation, cost optimisation, and compliance
• Security

Application Modernisation

API and Micro-services development
You always have the flexibility to design new, refactor, re-engineer, refresh, replace or retire your applications.

• Cloud agnostic containerisation
• Micro-services centric design
• Single site reliability engineering
• Legacy application rationalisation

Accelerated Development

Enabling you with platforms and reusable components that helps accelerate application development
Develop and deliver faster, smarter, with more transparency.

• Application delivery acceleration and transparency
• Analytics workload management
• Seamless deployment, metering, and monitoring
• DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE

Strategic Alliance Partners

Cloud infrastructure expertise along with all major cloud vendors
Enable seamless digital transformation making the right choices – private, public and hybrid clouds.
With our proficient cloud native approaches we work with you to customize and implement the cloud solution that best fits your needs.