Vibgyor Naturalz

Developing a platform for a company that develops luxurious soaps

Vibgyor Naturalz is the premier digital marketplace for buyers of luxurious and beautiful hand crafted soaps.

Vibgyor Naturalz transformed the market of hand crafted luxurious soaps, Bringing in new bars of efficiency and transparency to level up the way soaps had been valued, bought, and sold till now.


A technology that supported their rapid growth in order to keep pace with the evolving digital landscape.

After launching its unique online store, Vibgyor Naturalz was ready to boost up their systems. Significant volumes of user data was flowing in that was not being productised. Theie user feedback had to be integrated into the product.


Facnex and Vibgyor Naturalz worked together to transform their tech stack, advance their product portfolio, and extend their reach.

Facnex optimised the essential Vibgyor Naturalz’s infrastructure on AWS and redesigned the end-to-end user experience. Together, we crafted and deployed a database subscription service that opened an affluent revenue stream.


Vibgyor Naturalz has increased sales and generated profitable revenue collaborating with Facnex

With Facnex guiding the way, Vibgyor Naturalz increased development velocity and created a more scalable architecture. The updated product offers several APIs and an SDK based on JavaScript with ReactJS, so Vibgyor Naturalz can sell its technology in addition to its services and market data.