Scaling a brand that gets better with technology

RefurbishDeals disrupted the refurbished computer’s hardware trading market, introducing new standards of efficiency and transparency to revolutionise the way used laptops and computers had been valued, bought, and sold for years.
Refurbishdeals is the premier digital marketplace for buyers of refurbished laptops and computers.


Refurbishdeals needed technology to stand out in their rapid growth and to keep pace with the evolving digital landscape

After launching their online refurbished laptop and computer trading platform, RefurbishDeals was ready to upgrade their system. They were collecting significant volumes of user data but weren’t productising that data or integrating user feedback into the product.


Facenex and refurbishdeals have partnered to transform their tech stack, advance their product portfolio, and extend their reach.

Facnex optimised the underlying RefurbishDeals infrastructure. Together, we envisioned and deployed a database service that opened a substantial revenue stream. The new responsive platform provides an intelligent product suggesting trading service across the web and mobile.


Refurbishdeals has increased sales by more than 200%.

With Facnex guiding the way, RefurbishDeals increased development velocity and created a more scalable architecture in dealing with refurbished hardware products.