Mascaa shook the merchandise industry by bringing out new tools of efficiency. Revolutionising the way merchandise has been sold from the beginning. A premium digital marketplace for NYC based fashion clothing, launched for the spirited souls who enjoy the latest lifestyle trends.


Proactive Partner Adapting Change Easily

Mascaa were seeking technology in order to support their rapid growth of customer demand and to keep pace with the evolving market.

After launching a unique clothing platform, Mascaa was all set to level up their system. Significant amount of data wasn’t being productised by integrating user feedback into their product.


Facnex Technologies and Mascaa worked together to transform their tech stack, advance their product portfolio and maximise their reach.

Facnex optimised Mascaa’s infrastructure on AWS and redisigned their end-to-end user experience. We deployed a database subscription system that created a substantial revenue system. The responsive platform intellegently suggests and bring out new retail opportunities across the web and mobile.


Facnex has increased sales by more than 800%, taking off the brand to new heights.

With Facnex guiding the way, Mascaa increased development velocity and created a more scalable architecture. The updated product offers several APIs and an SDK based on JavaScript with ReactJS, so Mascaa can sell its technology in addition to its services and market data as well.