Hotel Forest Inn

Empowering software product to grow customer base

Leveraging premium technology solutions, Hotel Forest Inn expanded their business and developed a digitalĀ  member community. Hotel Forest Inn offers all the modern amenities and impeccable service making stay comfortable and relaxing with luxurious rooms and a multi cuisine restaurant.


To enable an ever-expanding business, Hotel Forest Inn needed to ensure their business could attract customers from the distance.

The hospitality industry leaders constantly strive to grow business by offering a comfortable and luxurious stay with top quality food and beverages. As a luxury hotel, Hotel Forest Inn sought an enterprise website development partner to support their international expansion. They wanted a social platform to connect their existing and potential clients and a product portfolio to optimize online and offline experiences.


Facnex actively maintains website and social media platforms with a cross-functional team.

Facnex brought the flexibility and expertise to deploy fascinating resources. We trained and cultivated a sound QA team, to ensure the product organisation could sprint alongside us to success. Together, we launched a social platform that seamlessly integrates with a suite of key applications.


Equinox has reduced time-to-market between the Hotel and their customers, giving them the right branding they need to stand out

Facnex is a passionate partner that works to understand and achieve their business goals, delivering seamless customer experiences with end-to-end support.