DSL Institute


Over a strategic partnership, a traditional company grows into a leading consulting and training organisation.  

With the soul purpose to drive innovative ideas that offers business solutions with integrity and foresight, DSLI focuses on training strategies that both compel growth and create value at the personal and organisational levels.


Upgradation is integral requirement

Eager to continue innovating and differentiating, DSLI approached Facnex to build a platform to solve their digital challenges.

To meet the increased demand, DSLI wanted to quickly bring in new capabilities and modules in their platform that would allow the organisation to further outreach the entire globe. To achieve this, DSLI began the search for an experienced partner to help them accelerate bringing new features to industry.


Improved User Experiences

DSLI selected Facnex as a development partner, given that Facnex helped augment DSLI’s internal development staff with additional expertise and allowed DSLI to scale its organisation accordingly with a completely new approach.


Build a product that served new and existing customers

Through adding more complete capabilities, DSLI has become one of the leading providers in the market that offers capabilities to manage each part of the ogranisation. Venminder has continued to experience rapid growth, growing 2x in the last 2 years.