Dr. Derrick Samuels is the ‘Voice against Stagnation’, a motivational speaker addressing more than 150,000 people worldwide each year.

But this industry of Motivational Speaking does not have the reputation of being the pinnacle of technological innovation which often leaves the listeners frustrated and unengaged. 


Need to digitiSe and align online viewing experience

Building on the reputation for ease of use, we utilised emerging technology to personalise and streamline the customer experience of the digital platform, improve customer experience through self-service features, and build personal profile affinity through new and innovative points of engagement.


Facnex built the technical foundation and continues to innovate the product

Using strategy and design thinking, our teams closely partnered with client leadership to build an all-encompassing platform featuring an infrastructure and UX that addresses the needs of their customer and relieves the resourcing burden on our client.

We developed innovative features creating an omnichannel customer experience that allow our client’s customers to create a purchase, pay and experience engaging touch points.


Revolutionised digital product offering to established technological leadership

By providing a technical, self-service solution for purchasing and paying in the platform itself, we have reduced customer time-to-coverage and increased premium collections. This functionality drove a decrease in call center volume, saving our client valuable time and resources.