The most trusted Crabtree’s Dedicated Team manages calls for all sorts of businesses thereby making more time for businesses to focus on their core activities. Crabtree dedicated office is the only way to quickly add teams of trained professionals to qualify leads, schedule appointments, process orders, explain products and services relay messages, and many more.


Needed to digitise and align their member stations with a robust software solution.

Amid growing demand for call support, the Facnex executive team knew major companies would need to make the leap from traditional methods of managing calls to a digital outsourcing organisation. Inefficient and fragmented, Crabtree was building their own solution to power online experiences.


Facnex built the technical foundation and continues to innovate the product suite that empowers crabtree to deliver over the top call management services

Facnex partnered with Crabtree to stand up a new digital organisation trained in agile methodologies. Our team developed the original sophisticated digital platform for Crabtree, built custom CMSs to deploy uninterrupted support, also creating a set of APIs that serves Crabtree’s support everywhere, including mobile, OTT, and STB platforms. The groundwork we laid has given Crabtree unprecedented control over telephone answering, virtual receptionist services and being the outsourced contact center for leading brands across the globe.


Crabtree collaborates with small as well as big scale brands helping them grow exponentially

The product Facnex developed provided an easy interface making its functioning really convenient. This helped Crabtree to gain more clients boosting their business exponentially and eventually helping their clients gain more business escalations.