Bon Travel India

Travel plans simplified

One of the India’s leading startup Bon Travel India specialises in offering the best holiday packages and tour services bringing your next holiday destination on your fingertips. With a vast variety of destinations to pick from, Bon travel India brings out absolutely amazing destinations with the best suited packages for all.


Bringing the benefits of digital technology by picking your next holiday destination from anywhere

In 2020, nobody knew the challenges we would face when the Coronavirus pandemic forced us to switch from face-to-face interaction to an almost exclusive online experience. One of the most affected domains was tours and travel, where the existing tools for online interactions were not entirely serving the needs of travel enthusiasts. Facnex saw the need to develop a new selecting and collaboration tool – bringing the physical booking tour experience to the digital space across multiple platforms.


Collaboration across platforms and around the globe

With a very limited timeline, Facnex partnered with Bon Travel India to build a new tool for virtual travel booking. Bon Travel India quickly assembled teams to contribute to four different work streams including MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS. This new technology would allow us to create a connected virtual or hybrid environment to maximise engagement in the Tour and travel sector. While the Windows, Android and iOS teams were just laying the foundation of their respective product variants, the MacOS product was the flagship. The MacOs Product was rapidly beta-released, helping its partners speed up their processes and ensuring its end-customers that the product would serve their needs for a trusted, stable, and powerful online tool.


Nimbleness that minimized time to value

In a couple of months of working together, with team members distributed throughout India, Facnex helped Bon Travel India reach beta phases for the variants for Windows, iOS and Android (including support for ChromeBooks), and general availability for the MacOS Product. In two more months, all work streams were generally available for all targeted operating systems, with an unmatched feature set in the Tours and Travel industry. Facnex helped Bon Travel India build a product that served new and existing customers and that they could confidently show to investors to gain integral investor support.